Daily Hall Rental Fees

Town Residents: $80.00
Non-Residents: $150.00
You can find the Town Hall Rental Agreement here.


Town of Greenbush Town Hall Rules

  • Always leave the hall clean!
  • Problems? Call (920) 526-3115.
  • Pick up/Drop off key with Clerk, or place in lock box by front door at Town Hall.
  • Do not take towels home to launder. We will launder ourselves (hang to dry).
  • Sweep and place chairs back in closet.
  • Place all utensils back in drawer.
  • Do not tape anything on walls (use poster puddy instead).
  • Leave Pledge of Allegiance on wall and keep flags in the Hall.
  • Be courteous of Hall, kitchen, and appliances.
  • All garbage must go in dumpster out back.
  • Ensure all windows and doors are locked before leaving the Hall.
Thank you!