The Town of Greenbush contracts with Waste Management for trash/recyclables collection. 
Trash collection is scheduled every other week. Trash needs to be placed inside the trash cart provided by Waste Management and set out by your curb by 7 AM of the morning of your pick up.  If a holiday lands in the beginning of the week of your pickup, your pick up may be a day later than usual. If items are too large to fit in a cart, please call Waste Management at 920-458-6030.   
Recyclables collection is scheduled every other week. Recyclables are to be placed inside the recycle cart provided by Harter's L. Acceptable items are any plastics number 1 through 7, newspapers, chip board (cereal boxes), aluminum, tin, junk mail, paper, glass, magazines, and broken down cardboard. 

Due to the passage of Wisconsin Act 50: Eligible Electronic, Waste Management is NOT able to pick up e-waste with normal trash pickup. The following is considered e-waste: 
  • Consumer Video Display Devices: Monitors/Televisions greater than 7" diagonal display 
  • Consumer Computers: CPUs 
  • Laptops 
  • Facsimile (Fax) Machines 
  • Consumer Printers 
  • DVD (Digital Video Disc) Players 
  • VCR (Video Cassette Recorders) 
  • Audio Speakers (Peripheral) 
  • Wire/Cabling (Peripheral) 
  • Docking Stations (Peripheral) 
  • Scanners (Peripheral) 
  • Keyboards/Mice (Peripheral) 
If your trash/recyclable cart become damaged, please contact Waste Management or the town clerk and a replacement cart will be ordered for you.