The official site of the Town of Greenbush in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin

The Town of Greenbush is envisioned as a predominately open/green space: agriculturally rich and scattered with single-family residences. Our carefully planned and sited residences aim to preserve the rural, country atmosphere and aesthetic value of the township. Our unique environment rich in natural resources provides unique opportunities and challenges. Both now and into the future we will continually require aggressive planning to ensure its protection.

Located in northwestern Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, the Town of Greenbush has prepared a smart growth plan and has adopted it into law under the authority granted by Section 66.1001 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

The Town Board of Greenbush, Wisconsin consists of one Chairman, four governing supervisors, and one appointed Clerk/Treasurer.

Ice Age National Trail System map

Our Community Strengths:

  • Access-ready to Highway 23
  • Six miles from Plymouth
  • Local and dedicated Volunteer Fire Department
  • Low property taxes
  • Groomed snowmobile trails
  • Rural - agriculturally rich green space
  • Low crime rate